Anthony Trollope

About Anthony Trollope

For businesses seeking a marketing leader, they will discover in Anthony a visionary with over 15 years of experience in the field. Known for leading world-class teams, driving digital transformation, and excelling in crafting branded content marketing through storytelling, Anthony is dedicated to cross-departmental integration and is deeply passionate about initiating change that propels enterprises forward while maximizing value and impact.

Colleagues and peers consistently acknowledge his ability to generate creative and actionable ideas, maintain team organization and focus, lead by example, and inspire individuals to achieve their full potential. Armed with a Bachelor of Science degree in E-Commerce (Honors) from the University of Portsmouth in England and a comprehensive set of certifications, including Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, Bing Ads, and HubSpot, Anthony is well-prepared to serve as a strategic marketing partner. 

Collaborating with Anthony promises to leverage a wealth of experience and expertise to craft bespoke marketing solutions that will elevate any brand and ensure sustainable success.

Interview Feature

Learn about Anthony Trollope in this Crexi Podcast. The series explores various aspects of commercial real estate in conversation with top industry professionals. In each episode, we feature different guests, tapping into their wealth of expertise and exploring the latest trends in the world of commercial real estate.

In this episode, Crexi’s Ryan Schlesinger sits down with Anthony Trollope, deep-diving into how the pandemic has changed businesses’ needs and how both investors and tenants are preparing for upcoming office trends.

“As soon as he joined the company, Anthony hit the ground running. He has been instrumental in building brand awareness, improving our reputation in the CRE space, and his efforts have had a major impact on the company’s revenue. Through his leadership, the number of leasing leads has tripled and he is also making big splashes in Capital Markets. Anthony’s team has recently launched several campaigns to help drive leads to our Capital Markets Group and the tip of the iceberg is starting to reveal itself.”

  • Generated <500% yearly growth in KPIs

  • Helped generate +$57M in 2021
  • Boosted leads by +300%

  • 362% web traffic growth in 36 months
  • Reduced Customer Acquisition Cost by 70%